Why partner up with e-learning for kids?


about us

E-learning for kids is a non-profit organization providing free, fun, curriculum based quality primary education to all children world wide.


our impact

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A total number of 56.000.000 courses have been taken in the period from 2014 to 2017.
That total number consists of 40.000.000 offline courses and 16.000.000 online courses.

As many as 12.000.000 children used our course material in the period from 2014 to 2017.
Of those children, 8.00.000 worked offline and 4.000.000 worked online.


our ambition

The shocking truth is that still millions of children in the world are not going to school, and that going to school does not mean they get the proper education. We can over that! We can provide the chance to make a living. We have the ambition to reach 100 million children in 2025.

Our ambition: 100 million children reached in 2025!


The truth in Africa is that:

  • Africa counts 128 million school-aged children

  • of those children 111 million will attend school

  • and 41 million of them will not learn basic skills

With e-learning for kids we reach out to those schools, teachers and children. To provide them with proper good quality learning material, free of charge.


And we don’t do this in Africa alone

We want to have impact around the world.  Everyone has the right to get proper education and create the foundation for a better future.

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Partner up with us


we need all the help we can get

We are a non-profit that relies on partners like you. We need your financial support and help to reach as many children as possible with our e-learning modules. We are looking for partners who can help us through funding our mission, as well as partners that support us with  the distribution of the e-learning content to schools, teachers and children.


With your contribution, we can...

Your funding contribution will allow us to continue to develop new course material. It will also allow us to translate current e-learning courses into new languages to reach more children. And last but not least it will help us to let the children in need know we exist and we are there to help them develop essential skills - free of charge!  With your contribution, we can continue to make and distribute the learning content that will help schools, teachers & children all over the world.


Please contact us

If your organisation can help us reach out to more schools, teachers and children around the world - let us know! The distribution of our course material is essential to achieving our goal If you have access to schools and teachers, you can point them to e-learning for kids to gain free access to top quality learning material! Together we can reach 100 million children in 2025!

Please contact us for funding or distribution support.




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ngo partnerships


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