06 January 2014

New Learning Portal

Welcome to our complete new and advanced learning portal which was published January 6, 2014

New functionality for children:
  • optimized navigation
  • search on title or topics of e-Lessons
  • shows last e-Lesson taken on the computer from each child
  • e-Lessons are displayed in a specific order based on our curricula
  • in an e-Lesson one can go to a 'previous'' or 'next' e-Lesson
  • the learning portal shows the 'most popular lessons' 
  • sort e-Lessons by popularity 
  • e-Lessons which are part of our 'MathWorld Curriculum' are indicated with a "+" sign.

New Functionality for Teachers/NGO's/Partners/Volunteers/Media:
  • Automated and online request forms for "Offline Access" and "Contact"
  • Cases and (new) Videos
  • Updated information on the Results of e-Learning for Kids
  • Real-time usage statistics and anlytics 
  • Information on "How to Use" e-Learning for Kids 
  • Accepts donations with Paypall and major credit cards

For comments or questions: [email protected]